By James Brady
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Oft, O Lord my God, I traveled at

Your beck and call to enter

within my heart! Usually, I went

there to hear the Whispers of

the Spirit which called me there!

Alas, there was one door I

found that intrigued me, but it

too scared me to approach

this door! My heart quailed if

ever she neared this door!

'Twas a door I durst not open!

'Twas a door I must open!

Oft', O Lord my God, I traveled in

the desert You and I knew so

well, for You helped me create a

place in my heart for prayers

to be said in silence! Whilst there,

still, this door came into my

prayers, and waking dreams of

it haunted me! What behind

it lay hidden? The Whisper then

called me to touch the door!

'Twas a door I durst not open!

'Twas a door I must open!

Time passed, my fear of the door

increased, but God bade me

to open this door! Then,

I felt the doorknob!

Just This Side of Fear

My heart and I, we stood frozen in

fear of we knew not what! 'Oft,

what we do not know causes fear to

be at its greatest! Still, we heard

the Whisper say, “Open, this door!

Face your fears! Trust in God,

for He awaits You there!” We said

a prayer, then opened the door

to step into complete darkness! My

eyes were wide shut! 'Tis then

I heard the Whisper say, “O man,

open your eyes, for the Light

is within your heart, for ever has

It lived within your heart!

My heart and I, at long last, dared

open our eyes! We perceived

Christ Jesus awaiting as when we

first came out of the Water of

Life to join Him upon His Cross!

He fed us with the Food He fed

the Apostles before He was killed

upon the Cross for my sins!

Bread He broke for me, and rich,

red wine He poured for me!

Jesus then spoke to me for a time,

and I did naught but listen!

Then, I awoke, for the Mass was

coming to the final prayer!

So be it!

James Brady

June 5, 2019