By James Brady
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My heart and I awoke within a copse

of pine trees, for we heard the

sighs of the wind as it danced amongst

the pine boughs! There was a

deep Whisper, too, that we heard in our

waking state, and this Whisper

we long have followed!

My heart and I awaited the dawning of

the new day, for perhaps this

would bring the Son from the Eastern

horizon! A storm drew near to

us out of the East! 'Twas then we heard

the wind's laughter amongst the

pine boughs high above!

My heart and I anticipated the storm

which we both saw, and also

heard! We had faith that this storm

should soon be upon us, but

we had no fear for our life! Lightning

flashed on the horizon, torrents

of rain washed all clean!

My heart and I wondered if this was

the Parousia we awaited, for

the Son shall arise in the East when

He returns! Are we ready for

Him? Will we ever be ready for Him?

Lo, we live, so we have time to

prepare for His coming!

The Storm Abates

My heart and I pondered if this was

a sign from the Spirit, or God

if you will! Were these sighs amongst

the pine boughs Whispers of

the Word? Was there a warning from

God within the sighs? Did the

sighs emanate from within my heart?

Once more we heard the sigh,

and it seemingly said, “My beloved,

you have finally listened, and

I will come for you soon!”

My heart and I pondered if this was

laughter from God's Angels as

they watched over us! Was the wind

from the beating of their wings?

Was there a comfort from God upon

the laughter from the boughs of

the pines? The storm passed, all was

quiet, then peace fell upon my

heart and me! We heard, “My beloved,

'tis not your time, for you have

much to do before I call!”

O man, our life is but a short time to

prepare for Eternal Life! One

must use the time wisely!

'Tis called free will!

So be it!

James Brady

July 28, 2019